Paul Lake

Counselling and Hypnotherapy

I fully understand the challenges that athletes face, having worked in elite sport for 35 years as a professional footballer, a chartered physiotherapist, an academy mentor and now as a psychotherapeutic counsellor.

Trying to thrive and survive in this competitive environment isn’t easy and can often have a negative impact upon mental wellbeing. Sports people experience a unique set of pressures and can be particularly prone to anxiety, depression, loss of self-belief and lack of confidence.

Thankfully, there are ways and means to manage these issues. Accepting that you’re struggling is the first step.

Seeking help is the next…

How I can help

As a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, I am able to draw upon a range of techniques to best suit your needs.

I offer a pluralistic approach to therapy which means we’ll work closely together, at your preferred pace, to help pinpoint your issues and get you back on track.

I’ve experienced mental health problems myself in the past, so I know how daunting it can be to ‘open up’ to a therapist, especially for the first time.

That person must be someone who you can trust, who respects your confidentiality, and who provides non-judgmental support.

To find out more about psychotherapeutic counselling – and the ways that I can help you – please contact me to arrange an initial consultation.

“I was under intense pressure from coaches, managers and family members. When things became overwhelming, a colleague recommended I see Paul for some counselling. He was like a safety net. He encouraged me to offload my issues, clear my head and find some strategies.”

– SM

“I’d never had therapy before – I suffer with PTSD – but Paul made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout. Knowing that I could open up to him in total confidence was vitally important to me, too.”

– GW

“Like Paul, I’d had to retire early from sport following serious injury, and my mental health took a nosedive. Sitting down with him was an absolute game-changer. Counselling enabled me to process my emotions and think more positively.”

– AC